In the Shadow of the City

Two from public radio:

(1) If you have 99 cents and 59 free minutes, listen to this episode from This American Life. The tagline reads: “Stories that take place on the edge of civilization, just out of sight.” There are 3 acts: (a) shipwrecked on an island off of Manhattan; (b) post-Katrina bus tours of New Orleans; and (c) smokestack emissions that the neighbors enjoy. All three are very good, although the first is my favorite. “I could smell my death in the air.”

(2) If you like Louis Sullivan, Chicago, early 20th century architecture and graphic art, then check out this book/dvd, also from This American Life. Ira Glass narrates and graphic novelist Chis Ware illustrates this story of a Chicago boy in the 1960-70s who obsessively explored and salvaged the Louis Sullivan buildings that were rapidly being torn down. Glass and Ware went on to create a small but beautiful book about Sullivan’s disappearing presence in Chicago.

If you don’t want to purchase either of these, both may just be available online. But they’re good enough that each is worth purchasing.


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